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 All the world is a stage... I'm just opening the curtain.
So far, Idiots are represented in Dating Site Idiots (including Kitten-Grams), Work Idiots, Everyday Idiots , Friend Idiots, and Idiots identified by friends. More info here. And sometimes, I am the Idiot... It is only fair to admit when the dunce cap belongs at home. I make sure to post my own "Duh Moments" for all to enjoy.

Idiot Categories, and Qualifications:

About Vicki, and her role as Supporting Actress 

After an extensive 35 year case study of a single Idiot, I find myself uniquely qualified to identify, observe, document, and report the idiotic behavior of human beings. Transcripts from online conversations, telephone calls, and live encounters, are carefully constructed, as close to verbatim as possible, with all personal information about the Idiot removed from the posts. Sometimes the Idiots provide all the material I need, unassisted, while other times I assume the role of Supporting Actress, to enhance or extend the performance.  You're welcome.
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