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 All the world is a stage... I'm just opening the curtain.
We are also planning a premier performance of The Stalker Saga  ...coming soon!
For video of the first LIVE performance with The Mermaid Playwright Theater: Message us on Facebook, to get the link!
From the audience:
"I was crying with laughter so much that I had red eyes this morning from my mascara running. Brilliant show!"
"Just got home from seeing the second act of Idiot Theater. Many laughs. So enjoyable! Bravo!"
"Your show was so funny and original. We had a great time! Congratulations!"
"Congrats to the cast of Idiot Theater for a hysterical performance!"
"It was such a great show. The acting was first-rate!"
"It was a fun evening! Thanks for the laughs."
"This was a riot!"       "Soooo funny!"     
"Amazing show!"      "Great show!!!!"

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